4 Reasons Realtors Are Falling In Love …

With LinkedIn that is ….

Let me back track just a bit.

Your ideal client or customer may only spend money with you once or twice every few decades.

We understand that’s the reality many real estate agents face every day, making on-going, reliable lead generation essential.

I’d venture to say that traditional media like billboards, postcards and paper newsletters are a way of past for most realtors. It is expensive, un-targeted and out-dated.

You need a new way to connect with your customers and LinkedIn is a platform that does just that. 

In fact, it seems like I’m getting more and more messages each week from realtors wondering if LinkedIn can be a viable place to find fresh leads and expand their audience.

Yes! You bet it is.

But, you may not know a few of the reasons WHY it is so effective. With that, I thought I’d send along a few pointers below so that you can appreciate the opportunity that LinkedIn can provide and why I’m so passionate about how it can help you in your real estate business.

The Opportunity – With over 500 million members worldwide and 2 new members every second signing up, LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals in the world. Its members are professional, affluent and well read.

Personalized Connection – Being able to reach out with personalized messages to connect with your target audience make LinkedIn a valuable tool to target and nurture leads on an on-going basis.

Targeted – Finding the exact clients that you want to work with. I used to be on team “traditional media” until I realized how effective LinkedIn can be to laser focus and connect with people in a specific area or niche and develop a relationship based on value and consistency.

Database Development – Your database is a goldmine of opportunity. By developing a database through LinkedIn you’ll have access directly into your customers inbox. You’re customers are more actively engaged with their email inboxes more than any other touch point. Use it well and it well and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an untapped goldmine for real estate agents to generate more leads. The key is having a strategy and plan in place before you go out and begin using the network.

This bring me to how I can help you (because that’s what I love to do)

I have cracked the code and would love to teach you a few of my killer lead gen strategies using LinkedIn for real estate agents.

So how do you get started?

It’s easier than you think.

 If you didn’t grab the download from my last email I thought I would pass it along again for you now.

My FREE cheat sheet helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate more leads and red-hot referrals.

Click HERE to download it now.

If you would like more LinkedIn Coaching I would love to have a chat with you. Please reach out to me through email, phone or mental telepathy and we'll connect soon.

To Much Success,


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