4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile In Under 10 Minutes

Are you looking for a job? … Then why does your LinkedIn profile look like a resume?

Hate to break it to you, but if you’re treating LinkedIn like an old-fashioned Rolodex, you’re doing it wrong.

The very first place that a prospect of yours will go when researching for a realtor is typically a Google search.

Your LinkedIn profile will usually pop up in one of the top 3 queries.

They click, they read, they move on.


It’s boring and to be perfectly honest it probably doesn’t tell them specifically what you can do for them.

You heard me right? They want to know exactly what YOU CAN DO FOR THEM.

Go ahead and read your LinkedIn profile right now.

Go on, open it up and have a read.

Does it read like a resume? Is it any different than the realtor next door? Is it stale? Does it “talk” to your prospect?


Then we need to get to work.

Here are 4 quick ways to optimize your profile that will only take you 10 minutes to complete.

Set your timer … here we go.

  • Photo – professional, friendly, approachable and only you. No pets, no selfies, no friends …. Just you.
  • Headline – keyword rich so your potential customers can find you. Brand you for your occupation and industry.
  • Summary – this needs to answer “what’s in it for the customer” and “why would they want to work with you”. Make your first two lines of your summary SHOW STOPPERS. Be unique and memorable. This is the most important area and is your story.
  • Your CTA (Call To Action) Tell your customer how to get a hold of you. This one is pretty straightforward but is often overlooked.

So there you have it. 4 simple ways to improve your LinkedIn profile in less than 10 minutes.

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