5 Simple Steps to Converting Your Connections To Paying Clients

5 Simple Steps To Converting Your LinkedIn Connections Into Paying Clients

I want to share a story with you about one of my mentors, Marie Forleo.

Marie is the master at developing meaningful relationships online.

So much so that even Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins are in her sphere of influence.

Her approach to building relationships online is so authentic that it has resulted in some fantastic opportunities as well as amazing inspirational stories that she shares on her on her online show Marie TV.

Marie makes relationship building online look so easy. But guess what? It doesn't need to be difficult … but most people make it that way … or they don’t try at all.

➡️ Have you ever wondered how to effectively engage your LinkedIn prospects to build those relationships?

➡️ Are you interested in tips for nurturing prospects on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to move people from leads to customers. You just need to know how to do it effectively and not with all that “salesy” lingo that may bog you down.

Here are 5 Simple Steps To Converting Your LinkedIn Connections Into Paying Clients

#1: Start With a LinkedIn Summary That Conveys Your Value

Before you can communicate with your LinkedIn connections to convert them to customers, your LinkedIn summary needs the right positioning. As potential customers read your summary, you want them to feel like you understand their problem and can help them solve it. They need to be confident in your skills and expertise to help them achieve a result. They want to see that you’ve done it before.

At the end of your summary, include a call to action. For example, you might ask prospects to call you at a specific phone number, book a free 30-minute consulting session by clicking a link to your website, or email you at your business email address. You want to make it easy for prospects to take the next step with you.

#2: Create Credibility By Delivering Valuable Content

When you share content on LinkedIn, focus on the topics for which you want to be known. You can share a mix of your own content as well as content you’ve curated.

The content you write yourself also needs to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field. Show your LinkedIn connections that you understand them and their challenges. Then explain how you can help customers with those challenges.

Sharing content on LinkedIn has several benefits. With your posts and the comments, you have an opportunity to talk directly to your ideal audience. When you establish your expertise, your connections will feel more justified in becoming your customers. Sharing content frequently and consistently also helps you maintain visibility in the LinkedIn feed.

#3: Personalize Your First Connection With Them

After you have a profile and several posts that position you as a helpful expert in your field, you’re ready to begin communicating with your connections to start to build that relationship.

Don’t use the standard messages, which make connections feel like commodities, not customers. You need to personalize your message based on your knowledge about the person or let them know the connections you have in common that they can relate to.

#4: Monitor Notifications for Special Occasions to Celebrate

People like to be acknowledged and congratulated, and you can use LinkedIn to recognize your connections on special occasions. Occasions are a great opportunity to reach out and communicate with people.

You can see special occasions in your news feed. LinkedIn also provides notifications when a connection has a birthday, takes a new position, or is celebrating a career milestone. To view the special occasions, click the notification tab in the upper right.

When you click the Say Congrats button, LinkedIn opens a new message to your contact with a brief starter such as, “Congrats on your work anniversary!” To make your message stand out from other messages your recipient receives and make them feel like a customer, add a personal message after the starter.

When you personalize your message, a great strategy is to make an offer that your contact can respond to. You can also use this tactic when other people say congratulations to you. For example, after you receive a congratulations message, you might respond by thanking your contact and then offering to send them a relevant resource you’ve created.

#5: Develop Messaging Scripts to Move Conversations Toward Your Sales Pipeline

The key to converting connections into customers is moving connections off of LinkedIn and into your sales system or process. This move could be to a landing page, email marketing or nurturing campaign, or another call to action. To ensure your messages to LinkedIn connections are targeted, you can write scripts that help you focus on your end goal.

Your scripts aren’t content that you copy and paste, sending the same content to every connection. Think of the scripts more as frameworks to guide your writing. To begin, say two things about your connection and then one thing about you. Next, ask permission to move the conversation off of LinkedIn.

When you message your connections, you then customize the script for each connection.

For many connections, you need to exchange more than one message before the connection is comfortable moving from LinkedIn to your sales system or process. You can develop a series of scripts to help you keep your LinkedIn messages aligned with your goal.

⭐️Final Thoughts⭐️

A large number of people have more than 500 LinkedIn connections. The businesses that identify these connections as an untapped resource of potential customers can develop a strategy to convert them to customers. The key is personalized communication. With this type of communication, connections will feel valued.

What do you think?

Have you used LinkedIn to develop relationships with new customers?

What tips will you try in the future?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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