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9 Storytelling Techniques To Elevate Your Sales Pitch

9 Storytelling Techniques to Elevate Your Sales PitchEmily BauerContent Marketing for Propeller CRM June 21, 2017 Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Regardless of who your target is or what you’re selling, incorporating the art of storytelling into your sales presentations allows you to entertain, engage, and educate your audience. Today, we’ll look at nine storytelling techniques you can […]

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3 Reasons Realtors Fail On Social Media

Real estate is a social business. Your entire day is built around communication. Conversations with clients, networking with other business professionals, following up with leads…the word “social” might be the single most appropriate word to define your industry. There’s also no shortage of interest in the real estate profession. Thanks to a plethora of real estate-themed television shows, the […]

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What Makes You A Unique Realtor?

Defining who you are as an agent is an important skill. Your clients want to know EXACTLY what individualized treatment they will receive when they decide to enter into a relationship with you, and what type of person you are. This is even more important with the competitive nature of the real estate business AND the advent […]

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Does Social Media Scare You?

The best real estate marketers think of social online like they do social offline! Social media provides a way to further connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends. But first let me tell you about my client Mary. She is […]

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4 Reasons Realtors Are Falling In Love …

With LinkedIn that is …. Let me back track just a bit. Your ideal client or customer may only spend money with you once or twice every few decades. We understand that’s the reality many real estate agents face every day, making on-going, reliable lead generation essential. I’d venture to say that traditional media like billboards, postcards and paper […]

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I’m Pumped! Here’s Why …

So, I’m doing a little happy dance in my office for one of our clients, Shauna. After working with me she’s sold over 17 homes to connections she’s made on LinkedIn. Let me explain …. Shauna scored a new client in a peculiar way. She didn’t capture the lead through a paid lead service, cold calling, through her broker […]

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