The #1 Strategy to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

​Does size matter? Talking about your business, of course!As marketers, we constantly hear about the need for growth to be successful in marketing. More clicks. More leads. More conversions. More money in our pockets. Because a bigger budget means a bigger, better business, right? Well, not necessarily. Here’s some food for thought: Would you rather support your local mom-and-pop diner or […]

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The Five Primary Prospecting & Sales Objections (and How to Gracefully Overcome Them

Let’s talk about now. Like, right now…the present moment. It’s a mysterious thing, if you think about it—in fact, it’s the ONLY thing. Because even though they might seem awful real, the past and the future don’t actually exist (outside of your mind). Not trying to get all philosophical on you; it’s just how things work. And unfortunately, because we […]

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