I’m Pumped! Here’s Why …

So, I’m doing a little happy dance in my office for one of our clients, Shauna.

After working with me she’s sold over 17 homes to connections she’s made on LinkedIn.

Let me explain ….

Shauna scored a new client in a peculiar way.

She didn’t capture the lead through a paid lead service, cold calling, through her broker or even through a past client referral.


She simply made a new connection with someone on LinkedIn who happened to have gone to the same high school that she did – and before Shauna knew it, the person became a client.

Shauna works for a real estate firm that specializes in relocations. When she came across her soon-to-be client’s profile, she sent a personalized message to connect.

As they began to catch up, Shauna realized her high school connection was moving to another province and eventually became one of her clients.

Shauna does what she calls “no-strings-attached networking,” engaging with her connections through status updates, sharing important articles, or simply being involved in conversations or activity around another member’s profiles (such as promotions, job changes, and questions). That networking has paid off with over 17 LinkedIn connections that purchased homes using her services in the past year.

All through LinkedIn and all FREE!

Shauna isn’t a social networking genius, a tech expert nor does she have a huge connection list but through the power of LinkedIn she’s been able make connections to drum up new real estate business.

Which brings me to you.

Do you want to get a better ROI from your social media efforts? Why not focus your efforts on a platform designed for networking rather than platforms designed to look at funny cat pictures? (don’t get me wrong … I do love my 3 cats!)

What if I told you that as long as you use the right networking strategy, that LinkedIn is the best platform for real estate agents to generate leads and referrals for 2018?

Of course like any lead generation strategy, you need to learn the proper technique before you dive in.

This is how I can help you.

I have cracked the code and would love to teach you a few of my killer lead gen strategies using LinkedIn for real estate agents.

So how do you get started?

It’s easier than you think.

I have developed a FREE cheat sheet that helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate more leads and red hot referrals right now.

Click HERE to download it now.

If you would like more LinkedIn coaching I'd be happy to chat. Reach out to me now and we'll set up a conversation.

To Much Success,


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Hey there, I'm Kari. I'm an expert on personal branding, anything merlot, and LinkedIn? It's kind of my thing. Cozy up with a nice blend of red, and learn more about how I can help take you or your team, from beginner to all-star online with real strategies that generate more leads and red hot referrals. Connect with me now.

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