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By setting yourself apart from the crowd on LinkedIn you are attracting the clients you want to work with. Instead of cold calling ... they'll come knocking on your door.  Before we do that though you'll need to make your LinkedIn profile irresistible. We have several programs to meet you where you are. Have a look below and please feel free to send us an email if you have questions. Looking forward to your LinkedIn success!


Why your LinkedIn profile matters way more than you realize 

You may have set your LinkedIn profile up years ago and then promptly forgotten about it.

If so, you're putting your personal brand at potential risk, given how high-up your LinkedIn profile typically ranks on Google searches and other online queries. Just for fun, Google your own name right now and see if your LinkedIn profile pulls up on the first page of results.

More important, LinkedIn is often the top stop for potential employers, clients and other stakeholders wanting to learn more about who you are and what you're up to professionally.


So, what will they find when they come across your page on LinkedIn?

Is it sloppy? Is it not filled out properly? Do you still have old information? This is a problem and you may not even know it!

When you are a realtor your brand is YOU. You can't afford to give up potential business because you've not taken the time to optimize your profile for social selling. Customers are on LinkedIn scrolling, lurking and choosing realtors based on what that can find BEFORE they meet you. Make sure the first impression is an irresistible one.

Here’s the big problem with most realtors LinkedIn profiles

Your ideal clients and your ideal prospects couldn't care less about youInstead, they are far more concerned with themselves — with solving their most pressing problems and pain points.

To really make yourself appealing on LinkedIn, you must create what I call a "client-focused" profile.

When it comes to LinkedIn, you must build a profile that talks about what your potential clients want, and then show them how working with you helps them get it.

And here is where we can help

The first step of our LinkedIn profile optimization program is to figure out exactly who you are.  No only that, we want to learn what sets you apart from other realtors and what you offer that is unique to your competition. This forms the ground work to an effectively optimized profile and one that will start to actually work FOR you and not AGAINST you.

When were done helping you optimize your profile it will stand out in the crowd, your clients will be calling you instead of you cold-calling them, your trust & authority will increase and you'll have profile that is on par with your unique realtor brand.

Our LinkedIn Profile Optimization Packages

This package is for the realtor that is just starting out on their LinkedIn journey. You've realized the value of being on the platform but need help with the basics to set up your profile.

Through video, we'll teach you how to get started, the areas to focus on, your settings and the basics of getting noticed. 

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This package is for the realtor that has been on LinkedIn with the basics but sees the value of turning it up a notch . 

This package includes US (you heard that right ... we do the heavy lifting for you) taking your information, after a consultation, and crafting a profile that will get noticed, increase your connection rate and will set you on the path of social selling success.  

We will include the main content areas and provide a draft for your approval prior to upload. 

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This is the full-meal-deal my friend!

You're profile is set up, you've had minor success with connections and authority building

But now you want to get real serious about making an impact. A big impact.

This is the package for you. 

We'll jump on a full scale consultation to determine with laser focus your exact marketing strategies and how those compliment your profile. We go further in depth on all areas of your profile.

We then craft your profile with the highest level of detail and content to get noticed, build connections and set you on the path of social selling success.

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