LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Starter Package

For the individual who is brand new to LinkedIn and would like help with how to do their own profile makeover.

The Why?

LinkedIn is the largest online platform dedicated to business professionals in the world.

It has over 500 million users worldwide ... not too shabby!

It is a place to be seen, to get noticed and to start your social selling journey as a realtor. 

But ... if  you don't have a profile or your profile is not showing up, is poorly written, is not creative and doesn't tell your potential customers "what's in it for them" it doesn't matter how amazing a realtor you are ... you're falling on deaf ears.

Don't let the opportunity slip through your fingers.

You don't need to be a marketing genius, a tech wizard or have a tone of followers on LinkedIn.  

You can get started right now by building a solid foundation that will produce invaluable new connections, generate red hot leads and create those sought after referrals.

What you'll get from our Starter Profile Optimization Package:

* You'll learn about the basic sections of your LinkedIn profile and why they matter to your potential customers

* You'll learn how to write these more effectively so that you get noticed by your potential customers

* After you have completed your own profile, we'll provide a personal video critique to make any further changes

* This is our basic program and includes discussion on the following: your profile photo, your background banner, your headline, your summary, your work experience section and your settings.

Starter Profile Optimization Package $197 cdn

  • Video Introduction - welcome & the reasons why your LinkedIn profile matters for social selling - video 
  • PDF questionnaire narrowing down your URP (Unique Realtor Points) - download 
  • Profile Sections - Our videos will cover the basic sections of your profile (headline, summary, work experience & education) and how to write them. We also discuss how to optimize them for search  - video 
  • Module #1 - Profile Headshot - video
  • Module #2 - Background Banner - video
  • Module #3 - Headline - video
  • Module #4 - Summary - video
  • Module #5 - Settings & Contact Information - video
  • Module #6 - Experience - video
  • Module #7 - Education - video
  • After You Complete Your Profile - we will personally review your profile and provide a critique for any further improvements - video
  • Check Circle
    BONUS - Posting Articles & Video's. The How To's - video 
  • Check Circle
    BONUS - Tips & Hacks the Pro's are using right now - pdf download

* This package does not include SuccessWithKari setting up your profile for you, website development, LinkedIn activity, funnel or automation set up and maintenance.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“This program elevated my profile so that I am making better connections, getting noticed and making sales...”

Alan Wright


“This was the starting point of getting serious on LinkedIn. I didn't know where to start or what I was missing but after seeing how to optimize my profile I knew what I needed to do, thanks!”

Shawna Millner

Certified Real Estate Agent

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My name is Kari Richardson. I love helping realtors, just like you, navigate the waters of LinkedIn. 

Thanks for popping on my website to discover how you can started, move forward and ultimately master the art of LinkedIn for your real estate business.

I know your time is valuable and that's exactly why I've produced all of my courses - to save you time and money.  

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